I’ve been asked a few times recently about how I shine my stainless appliances, and my short answer is: I baby them!

With a family of six and lots of guests around many times, I don’t mean we don’t use it. It definitely gets its share of fingerprints and grime.

But, I baby my stainless by grabbing the go-to secret weapons I always have on hand to get it shining again. First, are basic baby wipes. We use these all the time for cleaning all kinds of things. No specific brand needed, I usually buy whatever is cheapest at the time.

We use these to remove the dirt and fingerprints. And, since there are no harsh chemicals involved, it’s a great job for kids, too.

The last step is to buff out the streaks with a little baby oil. I pour just a little bit on a soft cloth and rub it on the appliance in a circular motion. Then, with the dry part of the cloth, buff it out.

I think the baby oil even seems to prevent fingerprints from appearing for a while after. So, if you want your stainless appliances sparking clean, baby those babies!

What’s your secret weapon for shining appliances?