Looking for a sweet treat to make for your valentines? Surprise them with this hidden heart cake that’s easier to make than you might think!

And the price is right, too,because all you need are a couple of cake mixes. I used one strawberry mix and one devil’s food, and since they were on sale, the whole cake was less than $3!

I saw a snowman cake done this way on the Today show around Christmas, so I just tucked the idea away in the back of my mind and brought it out just in time to give it a try for Valentine’s Day.

I started by mixing the strawberry cake mix according to the directions, then splitting the batter into two 9×13 pans sprayed with cooking spray. Then, I just baked the cakes at 350º for around 15 minutes. (It turned out that I only needed one of the strawberry cakes for this recipe, but my helpers didn’t mind eating the extra one.)

While those cakes cooled, I mixed up the chocolate cake according to directions, and poured the batter into a well-greased bundt pan.

Next, it was time to cut the hearts from the strawberry cake. I used a 2-inch cookie cutter heart to get some hearts small enough to be able to be covered by the batter.

Next, I began to stick the hearts into the batter. For best results, stack 2 heart cut-outs together and then place into the batter UPSIDE down so they will be right-side-up when the cake comes out of the pan.

Press the hearts gently into the batter as far as possible without crushing their shape. And fit as many as possible in the batter to form a close-knit ring of hearts.

Then, using a small spatula or a butter knife, gently spread some batter over the tips of the hearts, and then bake according to package directions.

Once the cake is baked and cooled, flip it out of the pan and top with a dusting of powdered sugar.

Then, just slice it up and enjoy!

Happy Valentine’s week to you and yours!