Hosting Thanksgiving at your house this year? Don’t forget to dress up the kids’ table, too!

How about a chalkboard tabletop that the kids can have fun with until the turkey’s done? It’s so easy and your little pilgrims will love it!












No need to reach for that chalkboardpaint. Just cover the table with my favorite method for quick and easy chalkboards– black poster board! (Remember, it’s erasable with a dry cloth!)













Overlap the poster boards all over the table and don’t worry if it doesn’t quite meet in the middle. You can easily make a colorful runner from wrapping paper like I did.

I found this cute turkey centerpiece and the matching plates from Target, then added a little more love with my kissing pilgrim salt and pepper shakers.

I always like to have names on the cups when I’m having kids over so they can easily identify their own, and these cute ones (also from Target), were perfect.

And for even more fun, I made some little turkey treat bags that also serve as place cards.

Here’s how they’re done:

Start with some mini brown bags like these I found at Hobby Lobby…

Cut a couple of inches off the top of the bag and fill it with some small toys orcandy.









Then, make the turkey’s head by inserting a Tootsie Pop and scrunching and twisting the bag around the stick. Wrap a strip of clear tape around the “neck” to hold it together.

Then, cut some feathers from colorful paper, fan them out, and glue them onto the back of the turkey.

Then, cut a little snood for the turkey out of the red paper and glue it in place.

Next, make a little name sign with some paper and a toothpick for the turkey to hold.

Then, he’s ready for the table!

A little bucket of chalk in between place settings will be all the little artists need to create their masterpieces and write out what they’re thankful for.

And if you’re setting only one or two place settings for the kids, you can also make chalkboard placemats by cutting the poster board in half!

Either way, you get a cute look the kids will like and it’s not hard to do. And that’s something I’m thankful for!