Owls and foxes and squirrels–oh, my! Woodland creatures are all the rage right now, and it turns out they can be party animals as well. My best friend, Denise, has done party themes from pirates to cowboys in the past, but for her son’s 10th birthday recently, she came up with this idea and, like always, she hit it out of the park.

One of the reasons Denise is so great at throwing parties is her attention to detail. She keeps to her theme and integrates it throughout. And her creativity really comes into play when she’s able to take things she already has and make them work beautifully with the theme.

This chalkboard is actually a canvas she sprayed with chalkboard paint (Yes, you can do this!). It normally hangs in her house, but since chalkboards are always fitting at parties, it works perfectly hanging over the table.

The squirrels statue was borrowed from her mom’s garden, but she cleaned them up, put some bow ties on them, and invited them to the party.

The fox boxes on the “tree” were from the Target Dollar Spot…

And the little bristled animal ornaments got dressed up in bow ties as well…

She’s also very good at thinking outside the box. Or, in this case, she thought inside the box…Rather than serving the food on paper plates, she dressed up some paper boxes for the kids to put their treats in. She found these at Hobby Lobby, but you can find a good deal on similar ones here. A little wooden owl glued on made them even better. Super-cute and so easy for the kids to handle!

Slightly roasted marshmallows on skewers stuck in a piece of tree trunk were just as cute as they were delicious.

The elements from nature mixed with a little whimsy turned out to be a perfect combination for a kid’s party.

The owl cupcakes idea came from Pinterest and the letter tiles were borrowed from a game! Love that idea.

Once again, I think she pulled off a fabulous party. I hope it gives you some inspiration for your own parties! Click below to see more of Denise’s talent…

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