My latest Pinspired project originated with this pin I pinned a few weeks ago which first got me thinking I might like to try some colorful foliage on my front porch for Summer rather than the typical flowers I always do.

{original image here}

So, I headed out plant shopping with my Pinterest in hand and found what I was looking for…

And when I potted them and placed the pots in my urns, they turned out to be even more colorful than a lot of the flowers I’ve done in the past.

I was a little nervous about how these varieties would like it on my front porch which gets both sun and shade, but I’ve had them for 2 weeks now and they seem to be very happy! And that makes me happy, too.

Even though I’ve always been more of a flower girl, I’m thinking I can love some good foliage as well!

What have you been Pinspired by lately?

I’m sharing this project with a few of these friends. Check them out for more inspiration!