If you love chocolate-covered strawberries for Valentine’s Day, you’ll probably love this little “twist” on the original using orange sections instead of berries.

We’ve already had two snow days this year, which means we’ve been able to stay home, watch movies, cuddle by the fire, and eat and eat and then eat some more.

It was on one of those days that I heard my 9-year-old, Lily, Face-timing with my mom about ideas on something she could cook. That’s where we got the idea for these Chocolate-Dipped Oranges.

It was so easy, Lily was able to make it mostly on her own and I was just the assistant/photographer.

The only two ingredients are chocolate chips and seedless oranges. We used Clementines because we often have them on hand and they’re easy to peel and taste great. About 1/4 cup of chocolate chips is enough for two medium Clementines.

First, Lily peeled the Clementines, separating them into sections…

Then, we melted the chocolate chips in the microwave at 15-second intervals, stirring in between until it melted.

Then, she just dipped the sections into the chocolate and placed them on wax paper.

A few minutes in the fridge helped the chocolate harden, and they were done! And even though it only took a few minutes to make these, it took even less time for all of us to eat them up.

Make some for your Valentine or for a great snack with the kids. Yum!