It’s January, so that means we’re all supposed to be organizing everything, right? Well, I’ve been trying to muster up some motivation this week and I did manage to tackle a section of my closet that was getting a little out of control.

I recently came to the realization that I have jewelry issues. Bangles, chunky necklaces, rings, and other bling–I’ve got it. So, I’ve had to come up with some ways to organize it all so it doesn’t look like this tangled mess…

After months of just throwing my bracelets in a big pile and crossing my fingers each day that it wouldn’t be the day it all came crashing, I decided to do something about it.

I like the after much better…

The cute hat boxes came from TJ Maxx and the four other boxes were a fun project, which I’ll tell you more about next time. And a perfectly-shaped vase for only $3 was just what I needed to hold all the bracelets.

I just think the jewelry is so too cute to hide away, so I’m letting it accessorize my closet when I’m not using it to accessorize myself.

I still have my framed jewelry organizer hanging in there, too, which I still use all the time. Click here for the details on how I made it.

And remember this Whatchamacallit that I transformed into another jewelry organizer? I’m still loving it, too. Click here to see what it used to be.

Hopefully this gives you a little inspiration to get your jewelry out of a wad and get it organized! What creative ways will you organize yours?