Many of you know how I love my letter boards and have acquired quite a collection of different types of boards and letters!  Along with that, I’ve also acquired lots of little baggies and half-cut grids of letters!  If you’re a letter board lover, you know exactly what I mean!



Well, fortunately for us, someone saw the need for a way to organize all our precious letters so we can store them efficiently and get to them quickly!  The creators of the Letter Case recently asked me to try out their product and I was more than happy to oblige because–hello–I totally needed some kind of system for these letters!  So here it is!


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The Letter Case is a really sleek and simple acrylic case with a sliding lid and 40 different compartments for all our letters, numbers, and symbols!  You can buy it here for a great price, and have it in your hands in just a couple days! Or, visit their website here to learn more about the product and sign up for special offers.



I filled mine with 2 full sets of letters and still have some room in each compartment for sorting through them.





The slide top keeps them securely stored, but easily accessible as well.



It’s a great product that you fellow letter board lovers will love!  And here are a few more fun letter board products you might be interested in as well! (affiliate links)



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Large Gray Letterboard


Pink Framed Letter Board



Gold Framed Letter Board


Teal Letter Board



Letter Board Words and Icons