I am loving all the beautiful wreaths I’ve seen on Pinterest, blogs, and all around town. And I think every front door deserves a little Christmas cheer. I’ve got mine up, and if you’re still searching for inspiration, you can’t go wrong with fresh greenery and a bow.

I decided I wanted some pine and cypress wreaths this year, but when I went shopping at the garden centers and home stores, I was finding out they were priced a little higher than I had hoped, so I went with an old trick I’ve used in the past. Maybe you’ve tried this, too.

You can make a nice large wreath from a piece of garland (or even a few smaller ones) and the price is usually surprisingly less for garland than for a wreath the same size. I got these 20 ft garlands at Lowes for $10.97 each.

All you need to transform a length of garland into a nice wreath are some wire cutters, floral wire, the garland (mine was 20 ft.), and something to use as a wreath frame.

My Hobby Lobby was fresh out of the traditional green wreath frames by the time I got there, so I searched and found this gold hoop in the beads and cording department. Only around, $3, and I knew it would do the job.

So, all you do is coil the garland onto the frame, one layer on top of another, wiring it together as you go…

Once you’ve finished, hold it up to check if there are pieces hanging out and just wire them back in. Simple, right? You don’t have to be a professional florist to make a fresh wreath.

To hang mine, I layered burlap and Christmas plaid and stapled the ends to the top of the door like I always do. And for one more bit of fun, I added a black and white checked bow. Both of these ribbons were from Hobby Lobby. The price for each wreath was around $18. A huge wreath like this at the garden centers would have been at least $28 without any ribbons or trim!

You can make smaller wreaths without using a frame as well. Just shape the garland into a circle and wire it well all around. Here’s one I hung on my back door…

Hope you like them! Christmas decorating marathon continuing soon! Whew!