I have four kids. Therefore, I have four-kids-worth of kid paraphernalia. Coats, shoes, bags, and junk galore. We’ve got it. So, when we built our house three years ago, my husband and I made sure the plans included a mud room for pretty and practical storage of the kids’ stuff. Only, it turned out to be only somewhat practical and so not pretty most of the time, crammed full of backpacks, gym bags, and mountains of shoes.

So, we made the decision to move the kids’ storage area to the garage and get them lockers {cue angels singing},because it turns out that I guess I’m a Locker Mom, meaning I like the stuff hidden away and out of sight. Now each of the kids has a place to store all of their things inside an extra large school locker.

My husband did the searching for these and found the best deal on what we wanted here. He worked with them to get a custom quote on the size and color we wanted (love this Cardinal Red). If you would consider yourself a Locker Mom and you’re in the market for kids’ lockers, I highly recommend them!

They turned out to be exactly what we were looking for, and shortly after we got the lockers, we were able to find a this Expedit Shelving Unit at Ikea to store a few more pairs of shoes for my husband and me. The high gloss red is a perfect match to the lockers.

And that big wall behind them has a ton of possibility. We’re thinking about a wall mural if my husband and I can come up with one we agree on!

And as for the mud room, I figured with all the kids’ stuff removed, it was a nice clean slate for a makeover. Here’s what it looked like before…

But I really think you’re going to like the after. Stay tuned for that coming soon!