So I really went all out on styling my kitchen for Fall this year. I spent a whopping $2 on a little plastic pumpkin from Walmart. Everything else you’ve seen before in some place or another in my house. I just changed it up a little.

That burlap vase with the leaves is the one from this post, I just turned it around so the bee motif is in the back, then I added a couple of pine cones tied on with jute. The chalkboard was the one I made for my parents’ anniversary party, and the black and white pitcher is the one I got from my BFF for my birthday. And there’s the big-budget pumpkin right there beside it.

The chalkboard art is a product of inspiration I’ve gathered from my Chalkboard Art board on Pinterest.

Remember this burlap in a gold frame? I used it for my spoon art in the Spring, but I re-made it into this leaf specimen art for Fall by cutting leaf silhouettes from scrapbook paper I already had. Just tape on the leaves and labels and you’re done!

Nothing too fancy, just fun for Fall. Remember, you don’t need to spend big money on your Fall decor. Use what you have and dress it up for the season. Save your money and buy a fabulous Fall handbag instead. Now that’s money well spent!

Stay tuned for my no-budget Fall mantel coming soon. I’m on a roll.

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