Today was the official “Changing of the Wreaths” ceremony around here, and that’s kinda a big deal, even if it only involves me, my staple gun, my step ladder, and a few snickering neighbors jogging by on the sidewalk.

So, now we are in full Fall mode, and the transitioning can commence. I have to admit, you never saw any transition from Spring to Summer decor around here because it didn’t happen. I was pretty happy with the Neutral/Spring theme that I put out way back when, so I kept it out all Summer. So, my favorite go-to green wreaths came down today and the new Fall ones went up.

This Williams-Sonoma Grains Wreath was my source of inspiration, and although mine look kinda like the skinny younger sister version of theirs, I still like them. And since mine only cost mearound $16 each, I like them even more.

If you’d like this look for your Fall door, here’s the how-to.

I started with a grapevine wreath, recycled from last year’s Fall wreath, so that saved me a few dollars off the bat.

Then, I gathered several faux and natural grainsin the same shades as the original fromthe floral department at Hobby Lobby during 50% off week.

I also re-used a few stems from my fall swags from 2 years ago. I ended up using 9 different types of stems for my 24″ wreath. If you’re using a smaller wreath, you could definitely cover it with less.

I started with the natural wheat, separated it into two bunches (because I was making 2 wreaths), and then wrapped it with floral wire to hold it together. Once it was secure, I cut it off to make a shorter bunch.

Then, I secured it to the wreath with a little more wire.

This doesn’t have to be perfect to work, as illustrated below.

Next came the light purple bush which I used the wire cutters to cut apart into single stems.

Two of those, poked into the grapevine and tucked in under the tips of the wheat worked well. I made this wreath using the same technique as I did on my favorite green wreaths, so click here for a little more detail.

Then, I just repeated the steps with the rest of the stems until they went all the way around.

And since nothing was hot-glued or permanently stuck on, I can re-use this wreath and all the stems again if I want to in the future.

At the “ceremony”, I hung them with the same strips of burlap I’ve been using with the green ones all summer.

And so begins the Fall season at our house. Now I’ve got a lot of transitioning to do.

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