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I am loving the transition into Fall and ready for all the fun that comes along with it. This week, I’ve been busy sprucing up the outside of the house for the season, cleaning out some Summer containers, and putting out some plants for Fall.

It doesn’t take a huge investment to bring a little fall color to your house or yard. With a little inspiration and a little help from Miracle-Gro, you can definitely Find beauty in the Fall. Whether you like container gardening like I do, planting trees or shrubs, or planting bulbs for the Spring, Miracle Gro has products and helpful advice to help you with all your Fall gardening.

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I added a punch of Fall color to the front of my house by emptying my urn planters of the Summer petunias and plopping in some nice big purple mums.

I chose a couple plants with plenty of buds that haven’t yet bloomed so I’ll hopefully have some color for the next several weeks.

As for my large window box on the front of my house, it needed a Fall makeover as well.

But, rather than spend a lot of money buying all new plants for the box, I just bought one medium purple mum, pulled out the red petunias, and dropped in the mum.

And for around $3, I was able to change the look of the whole planter from Summer to Fall…

The key to keeping these blooms looking good until winter hits is to regularly water them and add in my secret weapon–Miracle-Gro Bloom Booster. A scoop of this mixed right in the watering can will bring out bigger and more beautiful blooms.

One more project I did on the back porch was to change out my herb container garden to something for Fall. If you want to read my post on using a drink cooler for a miniature garden container, click here. To give this container a Fall makeover, I cleaned out all the herbs and used some Miracle-Gro Expand ‘N Gro Concentrated Planting Mix, a couple of small mums, and an ornamental cabbage.

This planting mix expands when mixed with water and provides the necessary food the plants need. Its unique blend of natural fibers helps to retain moisture as well.

I love the look of the cabbage and mums together for Fall. And with just a few minutes and a few dollars, the porch got its Fall makeover, too.

Everything you need to know aboutFall gardening in your specific region of the US can be found at And visit theMiracle-Gro Facebook page to talk with fellow gardeners and share your stories.

What are you planting this Fall?

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