It’s a great time of year, isn’t it? The year is still young, love is in the air, & spring is on its way–even if the groundhog did see his shadow. We’ve been spoiled with a very mild winter, so far, here in Tennessee, and the 60 degree temperatures have me dreaming of spring.

I guess that’s what inspired me to style my cafe shelves with a sort-of Valentine Garden theme this year.

Like always, I just shopped around my house & through my storage to pull together a little vignette to celebrate Heart Day.

I already told you about my LOVE topiaries, and I figured while I was covering things with moss, I really could go for a Moss Heart. So, I took a gold frame I recently found while thrifting, and inserted a piece of board cut to size & covered with some black & white fabric I had (leftover from this project & this project). Then I cut a piece of cardboard into the shape of a heart, and just hot-glued on the moss. (I’m telling you, nothing is safe in this house–you never know what I’ll glue moss to next.) To give the heart a little depth, I just wrapped a little extra moss around the back along the edge.

To get some red in the mix, I used these faux roses I had in my flower stash. A few buds scattered throughout helped to spread the red around.

And, of course, a few kisses…

I also borrowed my Front Door Chalkboard to spell out a message…

Are you in the mood for Love {decor} in your house yet? Hope this inspires you! More Valentine goodness coming soon.

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