Part 2 of my “Must-See in Asheville” is a little {gigantic} place just down the road from Biltmore called Tobacco Barn Antiques. And those of you who love picking will love this place. It’s a huge old barn-turned-antique mall that’s full of treasures of all shapes & forms.

My sister had been here a couple of times before, torturing me by texting me pictures of all the great stuff. She told me I would love it & she was right. We spent over an hour browsing the stalls of the different vendors, but we could have spent a couple more hours if we had had more time & less kids along for the ride.

There was a great section of furniture that was all $99 or less where I found 2 great pieces I really wanted to bring home with me, but I would have had to leave my entire family behind in order to make room for them in my truck, so I left them for some other lucky shopper.

I did come home with something fun, however. Right by the front door, there was a cart marked “FREE ON CART”which held 2 odd tables & a few other knick knacks. I chose one table & another girl got the other. I’m still brainstorming on what I’ll do with it, but chances are, you’ll see it again before long.

So, if you’re ever traveling near Asheville, NC, don’t forget to check out two of my favorite stops. Click here to read about the other one. What fun things have you done in Asheville?