So, I have a little news to share with you all today that I’m just a little excited about. (It came just in time for Christmas, which is even more fun.)My little ol’ blog is in the January issue of Romantic Homes Magazine, and I think that’s really cool. I’d like to thank Romantic Homes for including me among some other great featured blogs. But, mostly, I’d like to thank you all. It’s because so many of you have taken the time to tell your friends and family about my blog, and pin my projects to Pinterest, & share them on your own blogs that this opportunity has come about. I’m truly humbled. And proud. And elated. And floored. And I may or may not have bragged to the cashier at Target just a little bit when I bought my copy. Nevermind that she didn’t give a flip. I’ll just celebrate with you all, and say, once again, thanks for reading, friends!