You can always depend on me to take a perfectly good project & make it more complicated. It’s that problem I have with just not being able to “leave well enough alone”. Anyone else out there have this problem? Well, this little How-To is for you.
Chances are you’ve seen many a tutorial on the popular Book Page Wreath. There are several great ones out there & I wanted to join in the fun, so I made this one of the elements of my Fall cafe shelves. I decided to go with just a hint of color added in, & here’s the result…

I started out with a small wire wreath form and covered it with a strip of burlap. (You could also use some pages from the book to cover the form.)

Next, I ripped out some pages from my 49¢ thrift store book I found & rolled the page in a loose roll, sorta like so…

Then, I lightly dipped the ripped edge in some orange craft paint I had poured on a paper plate.

A little hot glue secured it to the wreath form. I then repeated the process all the way around the wreath.

After that, I flipped the wreath over & started on the front.

This time, I shortened the length of the rolled page just a little by wrapping about a half-inch of the rolled page around the wreath in the center. Repeat around the whole front.

Word of warning: this can get a little messy with the paint. I recommend keeping a wet paper towel handy to wipe the occasional paint smudge off your hands.

The last layer is made by taking a loosely rolled page & folding about 1/3 of the roll over.

Dip each end in the paint & hot glue each roll over the top layer of the wreath.

Repeat all around & you’re done! If you see a empty space here or there, just add another roll to fill in.
I glued another strip of burlap to the back of mine to let it hang from my old window.

That’s it! To see my three other projects I did with my 49¢ thrift store book, click here & here.

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