It’s probably clear from all my posts on my furniture makeovers that I’m pretty much the home stylist in this house. My husband has great taste and we usually do discuss furniture purchases and how we’ll revamp them, but in the end, he leaves most of it up to meandlets me do what I want. But, he’s had a different opinion about our office chair.

It’s been a year-long search for just the right chair that would meet his requirements of comfortandfunctionality, yet still have that eclectic originality I wanted for the room.

This is the inspiration chair I’ve had on my mind for months. You can find it here at Horchow. I love it. The only problem is that it’s literally 3 times the price of our first car. And it doesn’t roll, which was one of Dave’s prerequisites. And did I mention it’s crazy expensive?

So, I did what so many good DIY-ers do. I pinned it to Pinterestandtried to find one to do myself.

Our search finally ended when we walked up on this little beauty at a yard sale. Circa 1976. It was $2. I know. It looks nothing like my inspiration chair, but it did have wheelsandit was comfortable, so I accepted the challenge.

And this weekend, we found the time to work on itandgive it a new life in the library…

I like it. It’s comfy. It rolls. It’s unique. And because I already had all the materials I needed for the re-do, it literally only cost us $2.

Here’s the breakdown on how it was done…

Dave took the chair apart for meandI used some canvas dropcloth leftover from this project to cover each piece. Since the foam was a little crumbly, I left the original fabricandjust covered it with the new. I used the pin-to-fit method like I’ve done for other slipcoversandpinnedandsewed the corners of the seat for a tighter fit.

The seat bottom had these teeth to hold the fabric in place.

To get the postmark motif from my inspiration chair, I used plain black craft paint, a couple of my glass mixing bowls,andsome alphabet stamps.

To get the circles for the postmark, I painted the rims of the largeandsmall bowlsandthen “stamped” it onto the fabric. Then I just washed my bowls right away before the paint dried.

I did the same thing for each letter, wiping the paint off of each one with a wet paper towel as I went.

That was it! This would be so easy for pillows as well.

To fit the seat back, I had to get a little more creative because the back was rivetedandcould not be removed. So, I pinnedandsewed, leaving a gap to slip it on.

Since the arm pieces were permanently crimped, I just used some good old hot glue to secure the canvas in place.

For $2, I’d say this beats my record for cheapest furniture makeover yet. {The money we saved can go toward our built-in bookshelves I can’t wait to get.} And now Dave has his comfy, rolling chairandI have my statement piece. I think I’ll keep it! I’d love to hear what you all think!

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