There are certain spaces in my house that you might look at & consider me to be a minimalist when it comes to the decor. While this might be true, it’s not because I have a highly-defined sense of style, but more because I have highly-defined disdain for dusting. My philosophy is: less stuff= less to dust. But, my decorating plan for our ever-evolving home library is a step away from my norm. I’m going for fun, eclectic, cozy. This inspiration picture is a little taste of what we’re heading toward. {photo source}One of these days we’ll have a wall of bookshelves similar to this one, and some cozy chairs that are perfect for curling up in with a good book. Another element I’ve been wanting for our room is a gallery wall. You may remember I did a gallery wall for my kids’ art in our craft room here:And I did another one in our entry with my door photos from Europe:In each of those gallery walls, I played it a little safe & kept a little uniformity by keeping the frame color the same, but for the library, I wanted a little more eclecticism (yeah, that’s really a word, I googled it). I want a wall that has interest. One that begs you to stop and stare for a few minutes to take it all in. With a touch of unpredictable. Getting a look like this can be risky, but just like everything in decorating in my home, I know the most important thing is that it works for me. I started this gallery the same way I did the others, by gathering all my art & laying it out on the floor. Then, I just arrange & rearrange until I find the configuration that “speaks” to me. Once I get the right arrangement, I measure the perimeter of it to be sure that it fits the area on my wall. It helps to take a picture of your configuration for reference later when you are hanging the pieces.After that, it’s time to hang. I must admit, this is the hardest & most risky part for me. I hate having to put nail holes in my nice pretty walls. And I definitely want to do it right the first time to avoid any extra holes in the wall. That’s why I’m a fiend with a level & measuring tape. My pieces for this wall are mostly a collection of prints from places we love. This is a map of my husband’s hometown…And some prints we bought in Boston…A collage from our first trip to NYC…A Paddington Station clock to remind us of when we stayed in Paddington on our trip to London last year. (I found this at Hobby Lobby, but it was perfect!)And another HL find was this Paris Opera House print–we were there, too! I also added in my plaques from Ballard Designs and this iron gate piece for a little dimension. I also wanted to include this little print of Paris I bought from a street vendor when we were there, so I took an empty frame, a piece of twine, and a couple baby clothespins (also found at Hobby Lobby), & created my own art.I you want to display something like this, just take the twine & tape it to the back of your frame & then clip it on with the tiny clothespins. Couldn’t be easier!I love our collection so far. And the best part is that there’s still plenty of room to add onto it when we find more art from our favorite places. Are you wanting a gallery wall? Go ahead and take the risk. You’ll love it. And remember: the only rule is that you make it a reflection of you…I’m sharing my wall at a few of these places & the Nester’s Take a Risk Day & the Gallery Wall Party at The Inspired Room.Check them out!