So, we’re still four days away from Valentine’s Day, which is plenty of time to throw together a few of these little Love Letter Corsages if you’re looking for a gift for a friend or if you just need a touch of cutesy. I came up with this idea after I saw these little blooms on the wall at Anthropologie a couple weeks ago. These are tissue paper flowers with sheet music leaves–aren’t they cute?Well, I took that inspiration & combined it with a little trash. No seriously–you know this packaging paper they always wrap breakables in at Hobby Lobby & Home Goods & pretty much every where else?So, I save this stuff & use it for all kinds of things. (What?! I’m thrifty.) And this time, I cut a sheet of it up into 8 five-inch squares.Then, I grabbed a red pen & started writing away. There’s something about the smell of the ink & writing the word “love” over and over that totally takes you back to jr. high. But, as you can see, I cheated a little & filled in space with curly lines.Anyway, after that, I fan-folded & tied a piece of fishing wire around the middle to hold it all together. Then I rounded the ends with scissors & started peeling & fluffing. I needed a sturdy piece of cardstock to finish off the back, so I used the backing off of a pad of paper. My lens cover was the perfect size circle I needed, too, so I traced it, cut it out & glued it on with the glue gun. Another dab of glue & the pin back was attached, too.And just to make it just a little more Anthropologetic, I added a little red button.My kids loved it. And if they think I’m cool, that’s good enough for me. But, I still can’t decide if it’s more fun to wear or more fun to make. Hope you like it!I’m sharing with some of these parties–stop by & say hi!