It’s Day 2 of “Paint Color Week” here at my humble little blog, leading up to my Paint Color Link Party coming up on Thursday, which I hope you’ll all link up to! Meanwhile, I told you about my favorite white yesterday & it seems to be the color of the moment as we have several inches of white everywhere you look here in our part of Tennessee. There’s enough snow here to shut down half the town, but like all good Southerners, we stocked up on our bread & milk beforehand. (Read my sister’s post here for more about that.) Anyone else snowed in where you are? It seems we’ll be snowed in for days, which leaves me plenty of time to tell you about my favorite paint colors. Today I thought I’d tell you about my Laundry Room cabinet color, as I have had several questions about them in the past. Here a few pics–minus the piles & piles of wet & snowy laundry due to the aforementioned snow. The color is Recycled Glass by Sherwin Williams, and I found it when I was searching for a good Martha Stewart green. (By the way, the wall color is my favorite Nebulous White from the Master Bedroom I told you about yesterday.) Some of you have asked if I painted these cabinets myself after we moved in, and the answer is no. I had the cabinet guy do it when he built them. This color was a little out of the ordinary for him, but after he got used to the idea, he really got into it, I think. And if you’re looking for a nice Martha Stewart green, you might like it, too.Hopefully sometime this year I’ll get a window treatment up in the laundry room as well. In fact, that might be a good excuse to kick in the four wheel drive & get to Hobby Lobby. Don’t forget to stop back by for more paint color ideas this week!