I’ll admit it. It’s me. I have commitment issues when it comes to decor. I wrote about this a while back here & explained how I deal with it. So, I had a short but sweet relationship with this Quatrefoil Mirror (remember when I told you about our story here?):It really is a great mirror. It’s down-to-earth & thrifty, too. But, honestly, after a little bit, I just sort-of lost that lovin’ feeling for it hanging there in my hall. I hated to admit it at first because I had put a little work into it during the makeover & I really wanted to make it work, but I finally came to the conclusion that there just wasn’t much to “us” after the thrill of the before & after wore off. It just wasn’t meant to be there. I’m not saying I’m giving up on it altogether…I still want to be friends. I’m sure I can find another place in the house for it, it’ll just take some time.I’d been feeling like this for a little while, but I guess what really sealed my decision was when I saw this mirror in an Interior Consignment Shop the other day. I was instantly attracted to it. And I know I’ve said this before, but it was really love at first sight. But, I was cool about it & didn’t rush right into anything. I even left it there, just to give myself some time to think it over. But over the weekend, I couldn’t stop thinking of how great it would be in my hall. It was just so detailed and dramatic and gold. It was everything the Quatrefoil wasn’t. And it reminded me of Paris.So, I did what any other hopeless romantic decorator would do, & followed my heart back to the store, brought it home & hung it up. And I’m crazy about it. Quatrefoil, it’s really nothing personal, but this new mirror was just M.F.M.S (made for my space). I know you made me look skinny, but I found out that skinny isn’t everything. Although, now that I think about it, I might be bringing you back after all those Thanksgiving and Christmas desserts. Don’t go too far. I’ll be in touch.