I am fully aware that, by posting for the second time in a row about topiaries, I am putting myself at risk for being labeled “That Wacky Girl Who Covers Everything With Moss”. But, I just can’t help myself, y’all. Something this fun just has to be shared!I’m starting to wonder if maybe anything can be covered with moss, stuck on the end of a twig & called a topiary. I put this theory to the test when I made a big paper wad with some plain ol’ copy paper & kept layering it until it was about the size of a tennis ball. Then I wrapped a few pieces of tape around it to hold it together.

Then, I poked a hole in the bottom of my funky paper wad & stuck in the perfect stick from- you guessed it: the backyard. This whole process took a total of about 4 minutes. I then had my next candidate for moss covering. I used the same bag of floral moss I used for my Bunny Topiary yesterday. I just pulled out some large flat pieces & hot glued it to imperfect perfection. I then stuffed some newspaper in my planter, inserted my topiary, & in less than 10 minutes, I had another little addition to my spring decor. I may even keep this one out all year. I got this topiary done so quickly, I had time to make the little bird I was wanting to go with the bunny.

I ask you, can a person ever really have too many topiaries? …Ok, don’t answer that.