It’s finally starting to feel a little more like Spring around here & I am welcoming it with open arms! In just a few short weeks, Easter will be here as well, and because of all this, I decided I’d really like to have a bunny topiary. I thought some of you might like one, too, so I’m posting the how-to.I started with a little bunny silhouette my husband drew for me. Feel free to print this out to the size you want, if you decide to make one of these. I made mine approximately 3″ wide.I used a slice of floral oasis foam approximately 1 inch thick to create the form for the topiary. After cutting out the bunny, I pinned it to the oasis & used a sharp kitchen knife to carefully cut around the pattern. This project will create a little mess, so you may want to use a paper plate or some newspaper to collect particles.

The next step is to cover the form with moss. Start with tiny amounts, spread very thin. I used hot glue to cover the majority of the form, then went back with regular Elmer’s white glue to fill in the gaps. This step can be very messy, and you have to be sure to firmly, but carefully compress the moss onto the form to keep it true to the shape of a bunny.

Once the bunny was completely covered, I glued a few snips from a little yellow flower at the bunny’s neckline.

Lastly, I used another stick I had found in my yard just like I did for this project & this project. And once again, I thought I heard the neighbors saying, “There’s that crazy woman wandering around her yard, analyzing sticks again, Honey!”

I carefully pushed the stick into the bunny form & then placed it into my little urn, supported by more foam, then covered it with more moss. If you don’t have a small urn, this would also work great in a mini terra cotta pot. I finished mine off with a tiny gingham ribbon.

Wouldn’t a group of these topiaries be perfect for your Easter table? They can be made in almost any size & shape you want. It all starts with whatever silhouette pattern you choose. I think I see a bird topiary in my future! Give this a try & let me know how yours turns out!