♥ The BIG Day ♥Yes, I am excited about today. I like excuses to celebrate & I love to celebrate love, so I was made for this day. I’ll get spoiled today. Just like everyday. But that’s not why I love it. It’s really because I like showing my family that love is a big deal. I’m thankful that Love found me. And that He gave me some great people to love. He gave me a husband who acts like he’s the lucky one, and treats me better than I deserve. He gave me a 13-year-old son who is now too cool to carry his old lunch box to school, but still not too cool to give me a kiss in front of his friends when I drop him off at basketball. And He gave me an 11-year-old daughter who writes me poems & tells me I have great ideas. And a 6-year-old daughter who draws and creates & pours her heart into little treasures for me on a regular basis. And a 3-year-old daughter who hugs me tight & says that she “lubs” me several times a day. And I never try to correct her because I know she’ll pronounce it the right way all too soon. And then she’ll turn 6, then 11, then 13 before I can barely blink. And that’s why I love that I have eternity to thank God for letting me spend my life being loved by them. I LOVE how they lub me.