Once upon a time there was a little table. Sitting all alone at TJMaxx. She was a happy little table with lots of little table friends. But she was different than the others. Even though she was very cute the way she was, she had a dream of becoming more. She had known from the beginning that she was born to stand out in the crowd. Sure, she had character. She had nice scallop detail, a cute little drawer, & legs that other tables would split for. But she knew in heart she could be so much more. She was only a small-town table, but, in her heart, she had dreams of Paris. She wanted to fit in with French decor. She knew she had potential if only the right person could find her. And that’s where I came in. I had been searching for something French that would feel at home in my house. And as soon as I saw her, I knew she was what I’d been searching for. I knew right away that she was born to wear stripes. I was going to be the one to help her realize her dream.So, with a couple 99-cent makeovers-in-a bottle (a.k.a. craft paint), I went to work.Here’s what she looked like when I found her:Here are the tools I needed for the make-over:I took a tape measure & measured the space that I wanted to stripe. Then, I used a little math & figured out how many stripes I needed & how wide each stripe should be to make sure that the stripes would start & end with the green so the color would be balanced. Then I measured off the stripes & drew a line for each one, using a small level to keep the lines straight.Once all the lines were drawn, I taped the stripes off with painter’s tape.Then , I just painted the green stripes, painted the back scallop & the little knob black, and she was done! In just a couple of hours, she became what she was meant to be.Today she’s living happily ever after in her new home in my upstairs hallway. Now she just wants me to make her a little tassel to hang on her knob. A French one, of course.Visit Somewhat Simple & The Shabby Chic Cottage to see some other fun projects!