It’s week two of our Fall Into the Holidays series, and one week closer to all the busyness that the holidays bring!  In case you missed it, I joined several blogging friends last week to bring you ideas from the kitchen on how to get a jump on prepping for the season!  Click here for that post and links to all the others!

This week, we’re talking bedrooms and sharing tips for getting them ready!  I’m sharing a project for the guest room, because many of us will be hosting family and friends at some point, and the goal is always to make them feel welcome, right?

So, whether you have a designated guest room, or a kid’s room or spare room that houses your guests, this “welcome” pillow makes just the right statement!  And it’s so easy, anyone can do it!!

It’s been way too long since I shared one of my all-time favorite techniques for word decor:  freezer paper stenciling!  So, I’m sharing a little refresher, which, of course, has limitless possibilities!

For this particular project, I used a simple welcome stencil, which you can download here, and print to your desired size.

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You will also need the following items:

*Freezer Paper

*an Xacto knife

*a cutting mat or cutting board


*a pre-made pillow cover or fabric with which to make your pillow

*an iron

*craft paint and a small paintbrush

To create the stencil, simply tape your freezer paper (glossy side down) over your pattern to keep it firmly in place.

Then, with your surface protected by a cutting mat or cutting board, use an x-acto knife to carefully cut through the freezer paper.  Remember, you are making a stencil, so preserve the centers of the letters and all “white space” while cutting.

After cutting, you’re ready to position the stencil onto your fabric or pre-made pillow!  I used a piece of basic canvas drop cloth to make a simple pillow sleeve for a pillow I already had.  If you’d like simple instructions for sewing a zippered pillow cover, see my how-to here!

Once the stencil is in place where you want it, carefully iron over it to adhere it to the fabric.  Do not use steam when ironing.  And don’t forget to add letter centers you carefully cut before.

It’s very important to make sure all the edges of the paper have been securely adhered to the fabric.

Next, take a small paintbrush, along with the craft paint of your choice, and gently paint over the stencil!  Be careful not to use too much paint so it doesn’t leak underneath the stencil.

Once that’s done, let it dry, then gently peel off the stencil!

Did I mention how fun this is??

Since I just made a simple pillow sleeve, I just had to sew the ends together and it was done!

It’s such a simple way to add a thoughtful and inviting touch for your guests.

And I can’t even begin to count the ways this can be customized!  I’ve already been planning for more of these coming soon!

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