Making a fun balloon arch can be a great addition to your party or event, and I don’t know another way to get this great of an impact for around $10!

I recently put one together for a fall festival at my kids’ school, and it was easy and fun! I was first inspired by this blogger’s version, so I gave it a go and it turned out to be even easier than I thought!


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Here’s all you’ll need to make yours:

  • Approximately 115 latex balloons (Here is a super deal on Amazon for 144 assorted colors!)
  • Cotton string (only $1 at the Dollar Tree)
  • (2) 10′ lengths of PVC (1/2 inch diameter) from Lowes or Home Depot (around $2 each)
  • 1 PVC coupler, also from Lowes or HD (only 39¢!)
  • a couple of umbrella stands to hold your arch

You’ll need a compressor (or a lot of volunteers!) to blow up all the balloons. Then, working with pieces of string about 5 feet long, tie on the balloons, approximately 4 inches apart. Dave and Abby and I worked together–Dave inflated them, Abby tied, then I tied them onto the string. We were able to blow up all 115 and have them tied on in about an hour.

You can blow up the balloons up to 24 hours in advance, but I wouldn’t recommend earlier than that or the balloons will start to dull and deflate.

Next, you’re ready to attach the balloons to the PVC. Start at one end of one of the PVC pieces, allowing several inches for the end of the pipe to fit into the umbrella stand later. Tape or tie the end of the first string of balloons onto the pipe, and then just start wrapping the string of balloons around, bunching themtogether as you go.

Start the next string right after thefirst by taping it or tying it, then continue wrapping.

You’ll use the coupler to hold the 2 lengths of PVC together.

And you’ll definitely need a couple of friends to help you out as you work your way to the end. (Big thanks to Holly and Brooke for lending their hands!)

Once the balloons are on, place them in the umbrella stands to hold it up! We had a breezy day (not to mention a helicopter landing in the vicinity), so we had to weigh down the umbrella stands with some rocks to give it a little more stability.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at how easy and inexpensive the project was, so now I’m a big fan!

Have you ever made one of these? Who’s ready to give it a try?