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Fresh Coat of Friendship

I’m back from a fabulous long weekend with some great friends that Dave and I have known since college. We live miles apart now, but we got the families together at our “half-way point”, and crammed tons of fun into a few days– laughing, remembering, and just loving being together. And as we were driving…

Dear Atlanta Soap Thief…

I’m dying to know. Was it a well-thought-out, highly technical, Ocean’s Eleven sort-of scheme? Or was it just a spur-of the moment, drive-by-&-see-it, crazy-lucky, hit-the-jack-pot kind of job? I mean, I get it, Restoration Hardware has deliciously-yummy-smelling Pot & Dish Soap. And that gorgeously-chic plain & simple bottle? I know- it’s to die for. I…

What’s Really in a Number?

If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile, you know who Denise is. We’ve been best friends for-{seriously}-ever. And we have the pictures to prove it. Anyway, today’s a big birthday for her. She’s now “the new 30”. I was there when she turned 6. And 12. And 24.But what’s really in a number? Proof….

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