I’m dying to know. Was it a well-thought-out, highly technical, Ocean’s Eleven sort-of scheme? Or was it just a spur-of the moment, drive-by-&-see-it, crazy-lucky, hit-the-jack-pot kind of job? I mean, I get it, Restoration Hardware has deliciously-yummy-smelling Pot & Dish Soap. And that gorgeously-chic plain & simple bottle? I know- it’s to die for. I mean, that’s obviously what you thought, right? Because if Denise & I had walked out to the hotel parking lot in the middle of that night & caught you with our two Restoration Hardware bags, each holding a bottle of that luxurious soap, you’d have wished you were dead. Let’s just say we don’t play nice when it comes to people trying to steal our soap. Not to mention the beautiful gray bags. However, I hate to tell you that you could’ve saved yourself so much trouble & the potential bodily harm you put yourself at risk for by just buying the soap. It’s on sale for $6.99 per bottle. But maybe you already knew that & that was the reason you stole that whopping 37¢ from out of the console as well.But, nevertheless, I must say, not only are you bold, you’re slick. I still can’t figure out how you got into the vehicle without deafening the entire Buckhead community by setting off the alarm. I know the truck was locked, so you really have me stumped on how you got in. We saw where you left the glove compartment open, leaving only the slightest hint that someone had been there. But, all in all, I gotta say, the one thing that Denise & I don’t get is why you took the two small Restoration Hardware bags of soap, yet you left hundreds of dollars worth of our awesome finds we had shopped all over town for that day. I mean, we’d spent 3 hours in Ikea, filling our carts with everything from huge mirrors to Christmas gifts to my new Breakfast room curtains & curtain rods. (Heaven help you if you had laid a hand on those.)We were everywhere from Anthropologie to Crate & Barrel. It was awesome. We scored big time. And yet you only took the soap. So, my conclusion is that you really don’t have that great of taste after all. In fact, I hate to say it, but I think you’re pretty much a big dum dum. And you obviously don’t read my blog. Or you’d know that the Lord just really watches out for me in situations like this. (Read this story about my ring last week.) So, was it a security guard that He sent walking by at the time to scare you off? Or some other way He stopped you from robbing us blind? I’d pay good money to know what really happened.Please do tell us. We’re dying to know. You don’t even have to send me an email. Just leave a little comment below.Thanks a bunch!Sincerely, Julie (& Denise)