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Pumpkin Pie Thanksgiving Garland

We’re just days away from diving into the pumpkin pie, but if you’re looking for a little Thanksgiving craft to keep you busy ’til then, I’ve got just the thing!  It’s a pumpkin pie felt garland, and it’s as easy as… yes, pie!     Only a few inexpensive supplies required, including orange felt, tan…

Easiest DIY Faux Leather Tassels (for less than $1 each!)

These little leather tassels are everywhere and I love them! My girls and I recently found some perfect supplies at a super price to make them ourselves–so, of course, I’m telling you all about it so you can, too! Once again, it’s Hobby Lobby that has come through for us, and made everyone’s day by…

Holiday Hacks and Seasonal Scores!

Wow! Does anyone else feel like if you don’t have your house fully decorated by December 1st then you’re late to the party? I do! I remember when it was acceptable to deck the halls a couple weeks after Thanksgiving, but not anymore! My struggle is real this week to get this this place Christmas-ed…

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