If you have ever in your life wanted a rustic wood sign for your home decor or wedding or party or any other reason, but didn’t want to go through a lot of steps to make one, I have good news for you.  You can DIY one yourself for around $8 in around 10 minutes!  (For real!)  It’s the kind of project that will give you faith in your DIY capabilities like never before.  And there is no painting, no staining, no sawing, or sanding!  I know.  Let me explain…

I had this mantel with this wood sign envisioned in my head, but I just wasn’t sure how I was going to get there.



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So, I headed to Lowes, hoping to find something to inspire me.  And here in the flooring department, I found the perfect vinyl peel-and-stick faux wood planks for only $1.47 per piece.  This is the Woodland Oak finish–(link here).  They’re 6″ wide by 36″ long, so 5 of them makes a 30″ X 36″ piece.  There is also this great option, which comes in several gorgeous colors.

I knew I would need some kind of backing for stabilization and holding the pieces together, and the first thing that came to mind was cardboard.  And it just so happened, there was a cart full of cardboard ready for recycling in the aisle next to me.  The associate in flooring was more than happy to let me take a piece, so I ended up only paying $8.03 for the entire project!






When I got home, I cut the cardboard to about 29 1/2″ X 35 1/2″ so it would be about 1/4″ less all round than the size of the vinyl pieces when placed together.  (Make sure your cardboard is fairly thick and sturdy.  You could also use a sturdy foam core board or thin plywood.)



Then, I just peeled the first piece and stuck it on lightly so it could be adjusted if necessary…





Then I did the rest of the pieces, taking note to make the wood grain all go in the same direction. (Make sure the arrow on the paper backing points in the same direction for all pieces).  Once I knew they were all straight, I pressed them down well by walking all over the boards.  At this point, it’s a great “wood” background that can be decorated a million ways.

{Update:  a few readers have expressed that their wood was not adhering well to the cardboard–to be sure the wood sticks well, you can reinforce the adhesive with hot glue, a spray adhesive, or another fixative that you may have on hand!}



I thought about attempting to paint words on mine, but then I just decided to see what would happen if I tried my chalk on it.  And then I heard angels singing as I realized what this was going to mean…




It worked so well!  And since this is vinyl, it can wipe right off with a damp cloth.  Giving me another surface to chalk on is like only the best thing ever!

Since I was on a roll, I decided it would be great to have a little leaf garland as well, so I bought this faux eucalyptus bunch from Hobby Lobby. Here’s what to do if you want to make one…




Just cut the stems apart with some wire cutters…

And then take a little floral wire and wire two of the stems, end to end…





Then, wire the remaining stems, tip to end, going in the same direction.





It’s the perfect size for draping over this sign!


So, there’s my fall mantel in the Piano Room this year!  My wheels are already turning with all the possibilities for this wood sign.  It would be great for parties, weddings, menu boards, seasonal art, and more!



I hope this inspires some of you to make one for yourself!  More fall decor and my fall tour will be coming soon!