So, we had almost exactly a year to plan for this wedding, but only 21 years to prepare for everything this day would mean.  I used to think my love of words would make it easy to express myself in major life moments, but this summer, as my two oldest kids got married, I’ve found myself at a loss several times because of how very deep it all goes.  

Now that we are looking back on both events, I can only say that both days were not only absolutely perfect days in weather and circumstances, but also divinely orchestrated long before to lead us to the opportunity to celebrate all we had prayed for since the day God had given us Grant and Abby.  To watch prayers being answered in ways more beautiful than you thought to ask is something I hope all of you will experience as you get married, marry off your kids, or bless your grandkids in their marriages.  

As a lover of all things decor and celebrations, I can honestly say we had the best time with all of that!  But my favorite parts were my people, and the significance of every moment.  So today, I’m sharing the ceremony and people of Abby’s and Beau’s big day.  (Decor and details post to come soon!)  Trust me when I say it took hours to narrow down favorites out of over 1000 perfect shots!  We are thankful beyond measure that we chose T & K Photography to shoot the wedding and you will see why!  They are an amazing team and we highly recommend them to anyone in the East Tennessee area!  And if you’re not local, ask them about travel! Find their site HERE and their insta HERE.  Almost all of these shots are theirs with the exception of a few from friends and family mixed in!  

We chose the gorgeous Marblegate Farm just outside of Knoxville as the venue for the day.  This property is absolutely breathtaking and we loved it in every way!  We were able to use the property all day, so we had plenty of room for the entire bridal party and family to get ready there and enjoy the views.  They have an entire farmhouse for the bride’s party, and a separate leisure space for the guys with too many other features to mention as well.  We highly recommend this venue for anyone getting married in East Tennessee!

Our plan from the beginning was to have the ceremony inside their beautiful hall so we would not have any issues with hot weather or rain.

But just a few weeks before the wedding, Abby started dreaming of an outdoor wedding surrounded by this gorgeous landscape… and on the day before, we made the final decision that we would be outside!  It turned out to be the perfect decision.  And the hall was ready and waiting, all set up for the reception just after the ceremony!

The perfect atmosphere just lent to a very peaceful day for us to take our time and prepare.

Abby’s dress is Willowby by Waters purchased at Lillian Ruth Bride in Knoxville with a few custom changes, and yes… it was absolutely meant for her.

Abby chose my dress as well after I had ordered approximately 15 that I didn’t like. (Joking! Sort-of.)  And this one we found at Dillard’s in the prom dresses.  I loved that it coordinated with hers and that she wanted it to!

We did several pictures with her and the the girls before the wedding, but at the request of the groom, he wanted to see Abby for the first time walking dow the aisle. (So worth the wait!)  But the bridemaids did get their first look and it was precious!

I will tell more about these dresses in the next post, but yes, the color palette was fantastic and it was all Abby’s choosing.  It’s so perfect, David’s Bridal has already snagged them for the front page of their site!

Check them out and shop via affiliate link HERE.

Each of these 10 gorgeous girls are close to Abby in unique ways, and all so beautiful inside and out!

And then there are the sibling shots which melt me…

This was just a few weeks before Miriam became her sister-in-law…

Three generations between my mom, me and Abby…

And 4 different generations represented between my girls, myself, my mother-in-law, and our Grandma Cindy…

And then my sister-in-law, niece, and sister…

My niece, Marlie, was clearly born for the role of flower girl and was sooo fun!

And she loved that her shoes matched Abby’s reception shoes!

Most of you know I had planned and prayed and made it my goal not to spend the day crying because it truly was a day to celebrate.  And yes!  I met my goal.  Even on the emotional walk down the aisle on my son’s arm, I was able to keep it together!

My mom had her doubts I’d make it through, so she had given me a hankie to hold onto…

When Dave walked Abby in, I had serious doubts he could do it without tears and I was right.  But when we saw Beau’s tears, it was all I could do not to lose it completely!  Such a sweet moment.  

With both Beau and Grant looking at her here, I can’t even!

The ceremony was amazing in every way and we were so thankful to have one of our pastors officiating, who is also our good friend.

Our absolute favorite part was a special prayer we did with the parents, the bride and groom, and our pastor and his wife.  If you have never heard the song The Blessing by Kari Jobe and Cody Carnes and others,  you should know it was written for us this summer and our two weddings. (The artists don’t actually know they wrote it for us, but they did!)  It was the most appropriate song, full of scripture, that we could have ever chosen, and it played as we prayed together as a family for our kids and the generations that may come after them.  

Our kids each chose to have this in their ceremonies in different ways and both times it was priceless.  I’ll share more on Grant’s when I share his wedding! 

And how cute is this pic with Beau feeling the new ring on his finger!?

So much love!

First friends, now brothers.  I can’t even! Again!

So you see why I have had such a hard time choosing pics.  There are many more details to share as well as the reception so watch for those soon! Thanks so much for all the messages and well wishes for our family and Abby and Beau.  I know several of you have watched my kids grow up here and I love sharing this next chapter with you!