It wouldn’t be Christmas for me if there were not at least one DIY project, right?!  I have long since lost count of all the Christmas crafts I’ve done through the years, but this one is easy–I promise!  It’s a little (or big) farmhouse-style Christmas sign, and since I have a free download of the sign for you, all that’s left to do is make the frame!

Start by downloading your sign and getting it printed.  I asked my daughter, Abby, to set this up for us (you can find her work HERE.), and she provided a square version and a rectangle from which you can choose and scale to your desired size!  Click HERE for the square and HERE for the rectangle.  

Next, you’ll need wood!  I bought these strips of pine at Lowes, already cut to the 24″ length I needed, but you can choose a size that works for you and usually they are willing to even cut it for you in store if you need a shorter length!

You can choose to buy two pieces each for the top and bottom and “sandwich” your sign, or go with just one slat each for top and bottom, which is what I did.  

Obviously, you can leave the wood natural, or paint it or stain it as well.  I wanted a quick dark wash on mine, so I took some brown craft paint from my stash, watered it down, then brushed it on lightly and it was done and dry in just a few minutes!

After that, I was ready to construct it!  Hot glue, twine and scissors are basically all you need! 

Just hot glue the slats to the top and bottom, add the length of twine you want, and you’re done!

It’s really as easy as it sounds!  And here’s a sneak peek of my Christmas kitchen!  I’m working hard to get the rest of the house decked out and photographed to get the home tour up!  That’s coming very soon so stay tuned!