Dave and I love to get away a couple times a year if we can, and one of our favorite destinations is New York City, especially during the holidays. If you follow me on Instagram, you saw that we were there this past weekend, and had a great time, once again! (You can find some of my stories saved in my To Go highlights on Insta.)  I’ve written about NYC a few times before, including a post about our favorite place to stay which you can find HERE.

But this time we did something special that we hadn’t done before, and that was to visit a place that was a big design inspiration to me!  I had first discovered this restaurant on Pinterest when I was gathering ideas for Lola’s room makeover 3 years ago.  And I fell in love with a particular wall mural at Le Coucou, a French restaurant in SoHo.  I said at the time I would love to see it in person, so this trip, we made the time to go have lunch at this spectacular place and I got to see the beauty in person!

The mural was done by artist Dean Barger, and you can see more beautiful shots of it HERE.

Although my attempt at achieving the feel of this mood in Lola’s room is nowhere near the league of the artist here, I love it for giving me the courage to try something I had never done before and being happy with the result!  I used 4 basic colors and a few brushes and had a great time with it!

It’s definitely one of my favorite projects I’ve done, and you can see more of the process and Lola’s whole room HERE.  

By the way, the entire restaurant at Le Coucou is gorgeous and if you love French food, you should definitely try this place!  

Finding inspiration like this is one of the main reasons I love Pinterest!  And getting to see the inspiration in person was just amazing!  When was the last time you found inspiration you love and acted upon it?!