Funny story about our mud room… it gets used a lot since it’s the main door we use to come and go multiple times a day.  It’s home to a seemingly endless number of shoes and bags and other randomly discarded items.  And it’s also the first place that many of our friends and family enter the house as well, so I’m always on a campaign to keep it looking at least somewhat welcoming and presentable.  So, a little while back, I decided it deserved a personality of its own.  Enter Calypso Blue.


I’ve loved Calypso Blue, truly I have, but I always knew in my heart it was a little dark for this small space, already claimed by our huge, dark built-in bench.  But, I decided to let it be because I didn’t want to switch things up right after I had just gone to the trouble of making it over.  Fast forward to this summer when I decided, since it’s been a couple years, it was time to change it up a little and brighten this space up again.  So, I looked back on the blog to think back on the previous makeover, only to discover that it had not been a couple of years since Calypso Blue, but it’s been six!! Never mind that I obviously have lost all grasp of time, but I was now well past my statute of limitations on how often is acceptable to make over one room, so I practically ran to Sherwin Williams to grab some Nebulous White as quickly as I could.  And because I had two totally capable helpers at home with me at the time, I enlisted Abby and her boyfriend to paint it for me.



The white made a huge difference immediately, and I was the proud owner of a blank canvas once again! With school starting and other busy things filling my schedule, I left it as a blank canvas for a few weeks, but this week, I did a little froufing and here’s where we are at the moment…



Whiter, brighter, and still filled to the brim with shoes.  But still–brighter!  I pulled out a few pillows from my overgrown collection to give it a little more of a fall feel.



And then, I added a few new items in the tiny wall space that’s available.  The glass wall pocket is from my recent trip to Magnolia.  And the Knoxville print is a card from a local shop that I framed and hung!



I also decided to hang one of my faux boxwood wreaths on the inside of the door to make a little more “wall space”.  I just hung it with ribbon, which I taped securely to the top of the door where it closes!


Knobs and the bench seat stayed the same because they’re so classic and I still love them.


The only other new item is this mini round letter board I found recently!  I shared this on my Instagram this week, and if you’d like one, here’s a great one that’s reversible! >> (affiliate link)



I’m still considering adding a rug to this space and maybe even some wallpaper at some point!  And if I do, I’ll keep you updated, of course!