When I last spoke with you all here, I gave you my top choices for new bar stools for our kitchen, and then I left you hanging while I awaited their delivery.  I had finally made up my mind to upgrade from these black ones we’ve had since we moved in to some lighter upholstered ones.


The truth is, pretty much any of the choices I shared would’ve worked, but I took a chance with something a little “different” and I am totally convinced these stools and my kitchen were MFEO (made for each other)!!

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I chose the this French Stripe option which had gone on sale, so I took that to be a sign that I needed to just go for it.  And I am so glad I did!





They not only instantly brightened up the space like I’d hoped, but they’re very comfy and very sturdy as well.  (I love it when design meets functionality so well!)





For once, I steered clear of the tufted design I love so much and went with something that’s just a step up from totally neutral.



And the nail head trim just seals the deal for me as well.



Several of you expressed your concern over the light upholstered fabric, but I feel like this kitchen was ready to grow up a little bit, and I think our family is at a good place to handle this now.  Plus, they will be Scotch- guarded…don’t you worry.



I hope you all like the upgrade as much as I do.  If you are considering these bar stools for yourself, I give them all thumbs up.  I have not shut up about them since they arrived. (Did I mention they come fully assembled??)  My life is changed! And I know these chairs and I are going to be very happy together!