Y’all, there’s a reason why I named this blog the Less-Than-Perfect Life of Bliss.  Even though I try to share good projects and quality pics most of the time, we do actually live in this house.  And we also have our share of mishaps from time to time!  Last week, it was this big mishap…



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I’d heard stories, of course, of this happening, but this year was the year it finally happened to us!  I shared the play-by-play on Instagram minutes after it happened, so some of you shared my shock!  Fortunately, no one was hurt!  And the most amazing part was that we only lost a few ornaments!




But, the one ornament we really hated to lose was a special one Dave and I bought in New York at the 21 Club restaurant way back in 2003.  We loved that trip because we actually got snowed in in NYC and it was so magical!  So, we were disappointed to have lost that one.  However— Lola (my 10-year-old) and I found a couple of big pieces of the broken ornament and she had the idea to put them inside another ornament and surprise her daddy with it.  I told her we could definitely do that!

I was able to find some 2-piece fillable plastic ornaments at Michael’s for a great deal.  (Click here for a great deal online as well.)




All we did was just add a little faux snow, place in the broken ornament pieces, close it up, and add a hook and ribbon!









It almost has the effect of a snow globe!




Every ornament has a story, right?  And now this one just has an extra chapter!  I hope this works for your broken keepsakes as well!



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