Living in East Tennessee, we are in a greatlocation for fun road trip destinations in every direction. We visit Nashville at least a few times a year, and on a recent trip, I visited Draper James for the first time!

If you haven’t yet heard, Draper James is a brand that Reese Witherspoon created to share her love of Southern grace and charm and to honor her grandparents, who were the epitome of these things.

Her flagship store is on 12th Avenue in Nashville, and it is a must-stop shop for anyone with an eye for Southern style!

You’ll get your fix for proper apparel and all the appropriate Southernisms we hold dear here in Tennessee.

And they’ll offer you some sweet tea while you shop, as well!

My girls and I all loved it! This is not just a fun shop, it’s a great little Southern experience for when you visit Nashville! Click here to visit their site and see more! Who has already been here??

*This is not a sponsored post. Just one of my personal faves that Ilove to share. Enjoy!