My Christmas list of decorating is pretty much done, finally! And now that the wreaths are on the door, it looks like Christmas outside, too!

You may remember this trick from last year, but rather than buy fresh trees for my front porch urns or put out artificial trees, I just filled the urns with evergreen clippings. (Most Home Depot or Lowes stores will give you clippings left over from trees for free if you just ask!) They fill up a large urn quickly and I love the look of it.

I’m keeping it clean and simple this year inside, so the wreaths are a preview of that. A few bright ribbons and some large gold bells (from Hobby Lobby) were just what I wanted to dress up my fresh wreaths (only $14.98 at Lowes!). And of course I hung them with ribbon and my favorite no-damage-to-the-door technique I postedhere.

Since I’ve got a bell theme going, of course there’s chalkboard art with a quote from my favorite Christmas movie to compliment.

My Christmas tour is coming up soon, so stay tuned! (P.S. Since hefollows me around everywhere, Scout is probablygoing to be in every pic, so be ready!)

Meanwhile, check out the Holiday Open House going on now at 11 Magnolia Lane for more inspiration!