So, in case you haven’t stopped by in awhile, or somehow missed the memo… we’re dog people now. At least my kids and I are. My husband could be classified more as a dog-tolerator, but we’re working on him. Fewer things stop me in my tracks like a cute puppy pic on Pinterest. But, even better than a cute puppy is a cute puppy with accessories. (I can’t even!)

When I was recently thrifting, I came across some cute vintage ties and immediately realized that Scout needed a new dog collar. With a bow tie. So I got to work.

I had my vintage tie. And rather than go in search of all the collar hardware, I just used the parts from a cheap collar from Dollar General, and here’s another great deal on Amazon as well. (Total cost of my project–$3)…

So, here’s what to do… first- carefully photograph and study the original collar to see how it is constructed—this will be your pattern!

Once you’ve figured out how it’s put together, carefully cut the collar apart to get the hardware. Save the original collar strap to measure the new one by!

Once you’ve measured the length and width of the original strap, deconstruct the tie and cut a strip of it that is the same length and double the width.

Carefully press the strip to iron out any original folds.

Place a strip of adhesive hem tape (my favorite is this Heat n Bond) down the center of the strip, then fold over each side, and press!

Next is the tricky part. Study your photo of the original collar and assemble the strap to the hardware.

A few stitches here and there, and it’s done!

For an extra dash of dapper, make a little bow tie that can be slipped on or off! Just cut another piece of the tie approximately 4″x 5″.

Fold the top and bottom edges over (right sides together), and sew the side edges.

Then, just turn it right-side-out and you have the beginnings of a bow!

Cut another short strip from the narrow part of the tie and sew it to make the “knot” for the bow. (Be sure that the loop will be large enough to fit the buckle of the collar through.)

Slip it on your “bow” and it’s done!

Let your doggy wear it plain or with the bow tie, and either way, you won’t be able to resist the urge to snap a few pics. I’d love to see your pooch in one of these! If you make one (or several), be sure to send me your pics or tag me on Instagram!

P.S. These wouldmake great gifts for your doggy-loving friends, too!

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