So, I have this friend. She’s no superhero, nor super-human, but she does brave and amazing things. This girl will cook a meal and actually invite people over to eat. At an actual dining room table.

And then there’s another friend of mine–she loves to throw parties and has been known to host her kids’ entire class, and make it fun, all while doing so on a small budget.

And yet another of my friends has been known to host five families at once, including all the kids, and lived to tell about it– several times!

These women inspire me. They’re brave, bold, and apparently fearless. What’s their super-power? A little thing called hospitality.

It can turn strangers into friends and a plain boxed cake into a party. So why are so many people missing out on what used to be a part of everyday life? Excuses. Fear. And (dare I say?) pride.

We say we don’t have time. We say our houses aren’t good enough. We say it’s just not in our budget… or a 101 other excuses. But all of those things point to issues we hold within ourselves, and have little to do with what other people really feel. We worry about what those people will think about us or our less-than-perfect homes, when in reality, those people would would feel nothing but honored to be welcomed inside. It’s such a lovely gift to be invited.

Well, today, I issue a challenge– open your door and invite someone to come in.

Even if it’s just for cookies and milk, or popcorn and pop, invite them in. You can fuss over menus and placesettings if it’s your thing, but it’s really not about that in the end. It’s aboutopening the door of your home and letting someone walk intoyour life. It’s telling them they’re worth your time and effort. It’s releasing your own insecurities on behalf of someone else.

You can do this. You can be brave. And just to give you a little extrapush, I’moffering a giveaway of a $100 Visa gift card to one brave little hostess. Are you up to the challenge? All you have to do to enter is commit to inviting someone into your homewithin the next 2 weeks.

Yes! You can do it. Put to rest every excuse that just popped into your head and just say you will. Of course, I’mdepending on your honor to do what you say you will, but everyone that says they will accept the challenge by commenting here or on my Facebookpage will be entered!

And on Fridayevening, I’llannounce the random winneron the Facebook page and they’ll have $100 to use however they wish! Buy the food for your event, use it for decorations, or buy some new plates for your table–whatever! I’ll even give you tips to help youplan if you need them.

And as an added bonus, I’ve just chalked up a little inspiration for my own house. You can download the free printable here. And may this always be true of your own house!

So, I want to hear from you! Who will be braveenough to put all your fear and excuses aside and just let someone in? What you’re sure to find out is that the person you’re treating is actually yourself.