Amidst all the traveling, relaxing, and the fun and games going on this summer, let it be noted that I did get at least one project marked off my To-Do list! My little girls’ bathroom, which is shared by our two youngest, was in need of a little refreshing, so one day last week, we got to work on it. It started out that morning looking like this…

And in just a few hours, we had transformed it to this…

The inspiration I needed to get me started was this Floribunda shower curtain I found at World Market. This was just what we needed to add some color to the space.

Since the paint was in good shape and I still love this color (Sherwin Williams’ Diminutive Pink), that was one job we didn’t need to do.

But, when I spotted these gold foil dots at Hobby Lobby, I thought they might be a great way to add a little interest overhead, so I dotted the ceiling! They’re $20 for the package of 22, but use a coupon to get the 40% off and they’re a great deal. If you don’t have a Hobby Lobby, or you need more than 22, I found this set of 48 4-inch dots for a great deal on Amazon!

I love how it turned out! And the dots were easy to apply. I will note, however, that the package states that they’re easy to remove, won’t leave residue, etc. BUT–they did pull a little paint off as I was repositioning a few. So, these are staying up for a while.

My favorite part of the room is the wall art above the commode. My mom found these watercolor paintings recently that my dad had painted when they were first married. These and a few other pieces of art he did are priceless to us, and even more so now that he’s gone. Dave scanned and worked on them and converted them to digital files which we could print in different sizes.

And when I put them in some frames I found at Hobby Lobby, they turned out to be the perfect pieces for the room!

I couldn’t love them more. They look like they were made for this space.

I also found a great glittery “Sparkle” canvas and some bright coral towels…

And I had seen this awesome large faux boxwood in a white urn on our Marshall’s clearance aisle for a couple weeks before I realized it was the perfect piece for the center of the counter top.

And this “Hello Gorgeous” clothes hamper (also from Marshall’s) will–hopefully– keep everything neat and tidy while staying stylish too.

I also switched out the old mini lamp shades on the sconces to these new monogrammed ones I made, which I’ll post the tutorial on soon! (So easy!)

Hope you like it! It was all done for under $200 in one afternoon! Now to my next project on the list! What have you been up to this summer!?

I’m sharing this over at the Before and After Party at Thrifty Decor Chick!