I’ve done a lot of different makeovers and updates on this blog through the years, and most of them turn out pretty well, but some of them turn out a little less-than-perfect. So, I thought it might be nice to give you a little update on some of these updates to let you know how they’re holding up.

One project that several readers have asked about and been pinning lately is my painted outdoor rug. I can’t believe it’s already been 2 years since I did this, but here we are, and this rug looks exactly the same as when I first finished it! The photo below was just taken, so you can see it’s doing just fine. Click hereif you want theoriginal tutorial and sources!

And from waaay back in the day (almost 5 years ago!)— a few of you may remember my metal-top coffee table re-do.

Here’s how it looked before:

Click here to see how we made it over. It’s still looking great as well! I’m not getting rid of this anytime soon. And for someone who likes to change things up a lot, 5 years has to be some kind of record for keeping the same table, right?

And an even better example of how well the outdoor rugs hold up is my bee wreath rug, my first of this kind that I did. I first made this and posted about it 3 years ago here. I’m posting the pic below to show you that it, too, still looks as great as the day I finished it. And since this one is on my front porch, it is actually exposed to more elements than the other one. It’s so easy to clean, and has not mildewed, even though it gets wet when we have a hard rain. I’m still loving it!

And then you may remember my master bedroom makeover and how I made-over my duvet cover with ribbon. (Read all about it here.)

Well, I have to inform you all that I’m a tad disappointed in how the ribbon has held up after a few washings. (Note, it was hung to dry.) It seems the Heat N Bond tape is not as durable as I had hoped, and it wrinkled up in a couple of places, as shown below. This concept would work much better, if the ribbon is sewn on instead of ironed on. Or, if you don’t have OCD tendencies like I do, it may not really bother you that much. Looks like I may end up sewing mine!

On the other hand, I used this ribbon method for the faux Roman shade, and it has held up perfectly. Since the shade won’t be washed in the washer, it should be just fine. Click here if you’d like to see the tutorial for this.

Another of one of my favorite projects is my round coffee table in the family room. It, too, has stood up well over the past year-and-a-half. Click here to see how it looked before and how it was transformed. Evenwith all the use this gets every day, the paint job still looks great.

And maybe my favorite update of all time is my French sofa which I first found in this sad condition on someone’s driveway…

It’s the story I told you about here that is still dear to my heart. This piece is still one of my favorites, even 5 years later!

So there are a few updates on my updates. How long have you kept some of your favorite updates?