If Cyber Monday already has your head spinning, I’m here to help you out. I know how the 101 emails in the inbox can totally overwhelm, so I decided to put together a short list of some quick and easy gift ideas that are tried and true and sure to please! (Even for the hard-to-shop-for kind!)

Click on the the links to learn more about each one. Here goes!

1. A Singer Sewing Machine. This is still (hands down) the best Christmas gift my husband has ever given me. And after 19 years, my Singer is still going strong. I chose this model for you because of the excellent price, numerous features, and many great reviews! She’ll love this!

2. A Classic KitchenAid Mixer. This runs a close second to best Christmas gift my husband ever gave me. (See #1). Every cook needs this. Mine has served me well for many years, and I wouldn’t want to live without it. And the color choices are out of this world.

3. An ENO Hammock. Even if it’s not your thing, trust me on this one–any camper or hiker or other nature lover will love this. My son is all about the outdoors and he literally loves this thing. They’re all the rage amongst the outdoorsy type, apparently, and I’m told this is a good deal, so check it out!

4. A Sunbeam Deluxe Clothes Shaver. I know–you’re wondering how this got on the list of awesome gifts. But, for real–this thing is fabulous. We just ordered this one and it is the mac-daddy of clothes shavers. It’s not just battery-operated, but comes with a power cord for even better functionality! This will eat up the pills on your favorite wardrobe pieces and have them looking new again. Every fashionista needs one of these. They’ll love it!

5. Essential Oils Starter Kit. I have to admit I’m a little late to the party on the whole essential oils thing, but I have friends and family who love and swear by these things to cure almost anything. I’m told this kit is a great starter kit and if you add this Kindle e-book to go with it, they’ll be an expert on essential oils in no time!

6. A Retro Record Player. This has become another of our family favorites since we got one for my husband a couple of years ago! Music lovers will swoon over this one which even has an AM/FM radio built in. It’s always an adventure to see what great vintagerecords we can find at thrift stores. This is a must for that music lover on your list. Great price, too!

7. An awesome Maps coffee table book. I first spotted this at Anthropologie and fell in love with the illustrated art in this fabulous book. Great for kids, great for travel lovers, and great for pretty much anyone. And this is the absolute best price I’ve seen, shipped free with Prime!

I hope this gives you a little boost in the rightdirection when it comes to checking off your Christmas gift list!

Happy shopping, friends!