When I put out the call for help on my Facebook page for this little lamp shade project several days ago, so many of you stepped up with so many creative ideas it was like a little virtual brainstorming session and I loved it.

I had added a strip of gold Duck tape to a plain shade, but had my doubts about it (and apparently so did many of you) so I got rid of that and started over.

I really liked the idea of painting a gold stripe, like so many of you suggested, but I was hoping for a reflective gold element of some kind, plus I borrowed this shade from another lamp I have, so I needed something that can be undone if necessary.

So, I stopped by Hobby Lobby for one of my many weekly trips and searched the aisles for a little inspiration. That’s when I found this faux nail head trim!

It’s made of reflective gold plastic, so it’s lightweight and inexpensive (only $2.40 per yard with coupon). So, I just used a little hot glue to stick it on, and I think it was just what I was looking for.

It’s gold,reflective, and way less tackythan the tape (literally!).

So there it is! Do you love it or hate it? Let me hear it!

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