Anyone else have a crush on colorful agate coasters like I do? I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for some since this summer, and I’ve definitely seen some gorgeous ones. These are a few of my faves…



{West Elm}

But, the problem is, I’m cheap. So, I’ve been holding out, hoping to find a really good deal. And apparently not only do good things come to those who wait, but good things come to those who shop at Target! When I spotted these beauties on the shelf for only $9.99 per set, I gasped. And it took me a minute to realize that they’re not actually agate, but screened-printed glass! Genius! They have 3 different colored sets available, along with bookends and trays in the collection as well. Love it!

I came home with a gray-ish set and a blue set.

And then I got the bright idea to add a little gold on the edges, which made me love them even more. I used this paint, but any nice gold paint should do.

Exactly what I’ve been wanting!

This is not a sponsored post, but as always, I love sharing a good deal when I find it. Check these out on your next trip to Target. Now through October 3, there’s a mobile coupon for $3 off a $15 home décor purchase as well! I have a feeling these won’t last long!