If you’re into little-effort, low-cost, low-maintenance seasonal decorating, stick around and let’s chat about wreaths!

My keep-it-simple plan for fall has now extended to the front porch where I transformed my go-to green wreaths from Summer to Autumn in about 5 minutes.

Remember my original tutorial for these Easiest-Ever DIY Green Wreaths here? Well, I switched them up a little by just sticking in a few stems from my fall wreaths from a couple years ago. (See that one here.)

I went with the purple because my porch flowers were still going strong and I couldn’t bear to toss them just yet, so I just added a few mums, used those colors in the wreath and called it done.

It’s a little less traditional than a typical fall look, but it still says “You’re Welcome” and that’s always the point.

If you’ve got a post or link to your fall porch or door, share it below in the comments or on my Facebook page! I’d love to see it!