In our house, every season gets welcomed with some chalkboard art on at least one of the many boards we have hanging here and there. (For those of you who lovechalkboards, I’ve gathered lots of great ones onmy Chalkboard Art board on Pinterest!)

I recently chalked up a welcome to Summer on the screened porch, and even added a little more to the mix this time with some paper fans and pinwheels.

Abby and I worked on this together, whipping up some flair with wrapping papers and hot glue and tape and whatever else we could find to get the stuff to stay on the wall.

Just a little reminder that Summer won’t last long, so make some memories that will.

And by all means, live it up!

{See last year’s summer chalkboards from my porch by clicking here and here!}

**Update: At reader Kathy’s request, I’ve made a printable of this art for you. It’s an odd size, but click here to download and adjust the size to make it work for you!