April showers might bring May flowers, but they also bring the perfect excuse to to bust out the Hunter Rain Boots. I got my first pair on an after-Christmas clearance, and I love them! But, I found out pretty quickly that Hunters have a little issue with what the company calls “blooming”. It’s a cloudy, powdery white film that develops on them due to the natural rubber, leaving them in less-than-perfect condition for your spring look.

They do make a great product to take care of this, but if you’re like me, sometimes you just gotta use what you have on hand. I had seen some discussion online about using olive oil to shine them up, but, of course, I was running low on that, too, the day I wanted to wear my boots.

So, I decided to try some good ol’ vegetable oil, and it worked like a dream! I just wiped down the boots with some mild soap and water, dried, them, then dabbed on the oil with a cotton ball.

A little buffing with a soft cloth after that, and they were as good as new!

See the difference?

I love them!

This shine lasted about 2 weeks on my boots, with a little buffingwith the soft cloth in between wears. And don’t forget: never clean the boot soleswith oil or any other substance as it can cause them to be super slippery!

And just for a little more Hunter eye candy…





Ahhhh. Beautiful. And colorful. And shiny.

If you’re in the market for some yourself, keep an eye on Amazon. Sometimes they’ll have special deals on great colors like these. Happy hunting!